Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Summer Beauty Tricks !

1.Use darker Foundation so your face doesn't look caky .I use Stay All Day From Essence.
2.Use Waterproof / Sweat proof makeup .Check out Katniss Everdeen Look!

3.Stay Protected and Stay Chic. Maxi Beach hats are so In this summer !

4.Try Ocean-Blue Eye Makeup.Weather you have light blue or dark brown eyes it still Looks pretty and it also gives you that summer themed look  !

5.Treat Your Feet to a Spa Pedicure at Home ! And don't forget to use Colorful nail polish 

6.Use  Roller Lip gloss instead of regular liplogloss or Lipstick to give your lips that Glossy effect !

7.Cleanse your face daily to avoid that slick-shiny skin!

8.Use a tiny bit of Hair conditioner as a hair mask while tanning on the beach to keep your hair hydrated especially if your hair is frizzy and besides it smells so good ! 

9.Use summer scents of Body mists or Perfume  !

10.Use  tinted sunscreen instead of the regular one it will give you that extra tanned look !

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