Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Minute Face With "elf" ✦✧

1.Face:Start with applying the elf All Over Cover Stick as a foundation.
2.Use the same cover stick to conceal your under eye circles or any other blemishes.

3.Eyes:Apply elf Cream Eye Shadow with your fingers and blend.

4.Lashes:Apply elf Black Mascara on your upper lashes and lower lashes creating that coveted doe-eyed effect.

5.Eye Brows:Apply elf Brown Mascara on your eyebrows.If you think it looks dark, get a cotton bud and dip it in to water and erase all parts which you do not find suitable.

6.Cheeks: Apply elf  Cream Blush in Pink on your cheeks  to make your beautiful face glow and look alive.

7.Lips: Apply elf Lip Gloss to get shiny lips.

8.Touch Up: Apply elf Translucent Powder with a big powder brush to get a flawless polished look.


Try it out Beauties and let me know if it worked for you.You can achieve this 2 minute look with any other makeup products of your choice as well !