Thursday, August 15, 2013

❊ How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally ! ❊

If your hair is naturally dirty blond or light brown,you can get your hair considerably lighter by applying lemon juice to your locks.

All you need is :

                     Lemons                                             Water                                         Empty
                                                                                                                               Spray Bottle

Now Make some lemon juice.

Next,choose where you want your hair to be lighter ;Do you want to get  highlights or your whole hair to be lightened ?

                              If you only want highlights                                 If you want to lighten all your hair

Now,spend time in the sunshine!   

This method takes some time to work, but if you apply lemon juice to your hair once every few days you should begin to notice results within a week or two. This method works because the acidic properties of the lemon lighten up the natural pigments of your hair. Be aware that the acidity does have the potential to slightly dry your hair, so be sure to condition your hair well after each application.

                                                                            ENJOY !

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