Saturday, September 28, 2013


The Ultimate Makeup tool you need to use in order to get a perfect looking skin is :
MakeUpForever Camouflage Cream OR MakeUpStudio Camouflage Cream

You really should try one of these miraculous Palettes if you have under eye circles ,freckles you don't want to show ,really strong under eye circles or acne and even scars and bruises.
Here's how to use the camouflage cream:

To make perfect couverage , use your ring finger and a small amount of the product is sufficent .Dabb it gently on the spot you need to cover and if you like conceal it with translucent powder so it stays longer.
PS: These Palettes are good quality and last all day .

I have been using Make Up Studio Camouflage Palette for two years now and by far, it is the best concealer i have ever used !

And Guess what ? 
It is an essential tool for MakeUp Artists !
I hope this post was helpful to you Beauties !
Let Me Know If you tried this out and don't be shy to ask me about the price or any other question about this post ! 


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