Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty Basics 1.0 | My Care Products

Hey Beauties !

This is the first part of my Basic Beauty series in which i discuss my basic beauty tips  and products for you all the beauties out there !

These are my current care products for Face Hair Nails & Body ; Nothing fancy just the basic stuff !

Cleanser SOSKIN   gentle purifying cleansing gel powered by  cucumber fruit extract (prescribed by my dermatologist)
- Dries out my T Zone sine i have a combination skin and leaves the dry areas smooth. 
-I use it almost every morning .

Toner Garnier  soothing toner with pro-vitamin B5  and  rose water 
-Like the queen of the Nile Cleopatra used to apply rose water as a mask to prevent dark spots and even out her skintone , i use this rose water based toner to calm any redness and keep my skin fresh and smooth , it is defenitely an essential product for my skin.
-I apply it before putting makeup on and before bedtime.

Moisturizer Avéne  soothing cream for hyper sensitive skin
-Every skin type needs a moisturizer weather it's dry,oily or combination !
-This cream  hydrates my dry skin areas .I apply it every night before bed.

MakeUp Remover Diadermine  Face&Eyes hydrating and soothing makeup remover
-I need 2 cotton pads to completely remove the makeup yet it leaves my skin hydrated not like other harsh ones.It doesn't burn my eyes either.

Body Lotion Varens Beauté  coconut nourishing body milk
-Smells so good and  leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated for more than 48 hrs  

Face&Body Scrub  Homemade Recipe  i also exfoliate my skin every two weeks because it helps remove dead skin and black heads.
-I mix honey,sugar and lemon juice in a bowl and once my poors are open after steaming i use the scrub mix on my face as well as my body.

KERAT.IN Smoothing Serum  Myriam-K Paris  enrished with silk protein
-Smoothes and hydrates my hair ends and adds a shine to my hair.It also eliminates frizz, and facilitates styling.
-I always apply it on my hair  just before i blow dry it.

Nail Hydrator  Lella  as well as my skin, my nails needs care i usually give myself a whole manicure once a week (using cuticle remover , hand cream,..) but i always apply this hydrator just before i apply the basecoat to protect and hydrate my nails.

I hope this post was helpful!
See You Soon!

Let me know what are your suggestions for upcoming posts in the comments box! :)
Have A Nice Week-end!


  1. thx a helpful article but it misses the product's price XOXOOX <3

    1. ill share the products prices as soon as possible but they are affordable i assure you :)
      thx for stopping by abir

  2. thanks for the article :)
    I have tried out the makeup remover from Diadermine before but it didn't suit my sensitive skin (i should apply eau miscellaire instead).
    I loooove the Lella kit for nail care, but unfortunately i can't find it anywhere now :/

  3. It smells like it would taste amazing, although I am clearly not going to eat it! Strengthen hair