Monday, October 26, 2015

GiGi's Choice

Recently, i've been trying out some new products and today i'm gonna be sharing my thoughts about the ones that i like and would definitely repurchase!

Unlimited Stylo Long-lasting lipstick

I've always been satisfied with Kiko's lipsticks textures and color range and lately i've been obsessed with this pearly orchid shade n°11.

Price: 6.90 euros

Vernis Couleur Végétale Cerise Noire

I received this nailpolish as a gift from yves rocher fall collection and i was super happy first because the brand's nailpolishes have a pretty good thickness and of course with the color called "cerise noire" n°43 which is perfect for fall.

Price: 2.95 euros

Labello Lip Balm

It's starting to get a bit colder everyday and i hate it when my lips are flaky and chopped. This product has been my winter companion for many years and i'm sure it's the same for a lot of you except this time i've been using the classic one as a lip base 
in "classic care".

Price: 3.50 euros

Gel Crème Hydratation Intense 24h

This is a bit sticky so you're gonna have to wash your hands after applying it but it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and a small amount of it is enough for a complete coverage.

Price: 12.20 euros


The thing about this powder is that it leaves the complexion matte, gives long-lasting make-up hold and at the same time it keeps your skin aerated! How cool is that!

Price: 46 euros

BIODERMA CREALINE H2O Solution Micellaire

This product was certified as the n°1 face product by the BT Awards! It is one of the best time-savers I’ve ever said hi to. To be honest, it’s almost a beauty sin to not know of this product. I know that models and makeup artists swear by it. The beautiful Youtuber ENJOYPHOENIX recommended it in her videos and i approve of it!

Price: 9.90 euros

Brume Vitaminée Pamplemousse Rose

This product keeps my skin fresh, fixes my makeup, and smells like summer! 3in 1 ! *Except i use it before applying my foundation!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush

I call this a time/life savor! I recommend it for people who can't find time to wash their hair daily or just happen to make last minute plans and don't want their hair to look greasy, this could help out a lot! 

Price: 7 euros

DOP Douche crème au parfum de l’authentique madeleine

This shower gel was also recommended by few youtubers besides enjoyphoenix, so i had to try it out and guess what? No regrets people ! If you're looking for a strong delicious smell and a thick hydrating texture, you would love this product! 

Price: 1.50 euros

Crème Mains Vanille Epicée

This is also one of Yves Rocher Fall Collection, this hand cream smells so good and it's very handy. I keep it in my bag so i can use it throughout the day since it's getting colder it is one of my winter's essentials.

Price: 2.50 euros

Primark Scented Candle Winter Fig&Berries

Since i love candles so much i had to put this one in my favorites because i was surprised by the quality of this product! It's sweet and fruity. It comes with a good variety of scents as well !

Price: 1 euros

Monoprix Fall Mug

If you follow me, you would know that i have an obsession for mugs and this cute one has leaves on it!! #falltheme!

Price: 3 euros

That's it! I hope you like this post!
See you soon !

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  1. j'ai aimé le mug ! vraiment original ;) sinon le shampoing sec je le trouve vraiment pratique en plus il est efficace !