Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dior L'absolu

 Hey beautistas!
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Today's post is about the voluptuous DIOR J'adore L'absolu oil and perfume. As you can see i'm running out of the perfume already! This perfect combo is a killer! If you're looking for a strong seductive, long lasting scent you won't be disspointed at all! I apply the oil as a base then the perfume on the areas that produce sweat the most. Result: i sweat jasmine all day everyday! :D

Oils are becoming better replacements for body lotions, they last longer and add a shine to your skin even though they have a matte finish well this one certainly does! 

It's probably a bit expensive but for or me these two products are a huge all time favorite combo.

Price: Oil: 56,50 € | Perfume: 103 €

I hope you like this post! 

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