Tuesday, September 13, 2016

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Glam Lights | OMGBEAUTYCAKE


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If you 're an adventurer like me, you'll like this video! For a while now, i wanted to spice up my hair colour and add a sunkissed highlight balayage to it, so when i came across the new L'oréal highlighting kit on YT, i thought what the heck!

I mean i'm all about good deals as well, and this kit is for only 14€. But, if you're looking for a professional hair expert here in Paris and you have hair money saved up, i recommend you to seek Raphaël Perrier  hair salon. (this shout out is not sponsored i just really like this salon)

Anyway, back to the highlights results, i really the sunkissed effect. The application was unexpectedly easy. The balayage actually turned out ok, but a little bit brassy so if you wanna see how i'm going to tone it, Stay tuned for Part 2 !

Enough chitchat,  I'll let you enjoy the video!

 See you soon! 

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